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Stephen Scott’s masterclasses are practical and highly experiential, and focus on accelerating expertise in leadership. This is achieved through comprehensive course materials, live modelling of leadership skills, and group activities giving you hands-on practise and feedback.


Accelerating independent school leaders to the top of their game by sharing and learning from each other in a high trust environment. It has been said “A good mentor is more informative than a university education and more valuable than a decade’s income.

Imagine the value of 9 experienced school leaders focused entirely on supporting and mentoring you.


Inspired by his book The 15 Disciplines, Stephen provides a unique and engage learning environment using a combination of keynote presentations, simulated activities, deep reflection and questioning.


The 15 Disciplines focuses on ethically building social capital by ensuring no variance between any party on the underlying values and the model of leadership being taught. Stephen’s process of leadership growth focuses on immersion within a three-stage learning framework that guarantees all our participants will:

Observe – a trusted role model demonstrating and sharing real world experiences of how The 15 Disciplines builds social capital.

Experience – leadership situations first hand, that become lifelong references for reflecting on how personal leadership influences their organisation’s social capital.

Practice – The 15 Disciplines in a real world context to reinforce learning, alignment of practices and teaching of others.

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07 3879 2090

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