“Transformational”, “Life Changing” and “Eye Opening” are just some of the ways people have described their experiences of Stephen’s leadership programs. Here are a few more examples of what people say about their experiences.
“Steve Scott, Director of Laurus Enterprises, is an expert. I have had the experience of watching him work with school principals and boards for five years now and I am in awe of his knowledge and understanding of people and his wide expertise in leadership, governance, executive coaching, management and strategic planning. When running a workshop Steve immediately builds a positive relationship with the people in the room. His presentations are lively, interactive and are always tailored for his audience, never off the shelf. The information he presents is timely, practical and provokes leaders to give of their best. Steve is able to get to the heart of an issue or problem, whether working with individuals or groups, and ask the right questions to lead others to solutions. He goes out of his way to include all participants, calls them by name and quickly, almost miraculously, knows them as individuals by the end of the workshop. Working with him and watching him work with others has been a privilege.” Mrs. Robyn Collins

AHISA Independence Journal Editor

“I have been working with Steve Scott since I was appointed as the Headmaster at The Rockhampton Grammar School in January 2010, with Steve being involved in a Principal’s Leadership Programme which I participated in from 2010 – 2013, as a Governance consultant at RGS, and as a leadership coach in my personal development and growth from 2010 until the present. In all of these areas I have observed him to be a person of the highest quality.  Steve has impacted upon not only on the culture and climate of the Independent Schools Queensland Programme over a number of years, but also has played an outstanding role in the support of the Principals’ involved in the programme and the schools in which they work. While at schools we spend a significant amount of time in our classrooms praising students for their efforts, I believe that we do not do enough of this with our staff, or for those who support our staff and governing boards, particularly in the area where outstanding leadership is shown. Consequently, this testimonial is one way of celebrating his excellent work at ISQ, RGS and with me personally, and the collaborative and interdependent relationships he has established with the school communities he has been involved with.” Dr. Phillip Moulds

Headmaster Rockhampton Grammar School

“Steve Scott has provided invaluable support to Brisbane Grammar School and to me personally. His knowledge of organisational cultures and his preparedness to authentically share his wisdom make him an extraordinary mentor. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Steve about building productive team cultures, organisational change and leadership challenges. His style is collaborative and respectful and he aims to support the individual or team to identify the best course of action for each situation. I am a strong advocate for Steve Scott and I am confident that he has the necessary skills to benefit any organisation.” Mr. Anthony Micallef

Headmaster Brisbane Grammar School

“I have worked with Steve Scott and Laurus on a number of occasions, always finding them to be most particular in responding to my needs as a client.  They work hard to meet the brief which is established.  Steve is knowledgeable, skilled at working with a diverse group and ensures that everybody is heard in the conversation.  He is adroit at finding the happy medium between allowing a workshop to take its own direction, whilst ensuring that its stays true to its intended purpose. Steve maintains currency in contemporary leadership and change management theory, which dovetails perfectly with his extensive experience in diverse, practical fields. ” Mr. David Bliss

Director Lutheran Education Queensland

“I have had the privilege of working with Steve Scott for the last 6 years as part of an Independent School Principal Leadership Development Program. Steve is a skilled presenter whose presentations are engaging and highly relevant to my work- he knows his audience well. He is also an outstanding facilitator who uses processes that enable participants to achieve clarity in their thinking and a clear direction to move forward. Steve constantly challenges my thinking about how I do things, and I always leave his sessions with practical actionable steps to take to continue to become better at what I do. I have grown significantly as a leader as a result of working with Steve.” Mr. Tim Kotzur

Principal St Andrews Lutheran College

“I started working with Steve four years ago as a brand new Principal. To be honest, to begin with I found his presentations unsettling. They were not what I was used to hearing in Education circles. Please do not misunderstand, while I felt unsettled, I was always intrigued by his very different approach and I now reflect back and see that Steve was intentionally nudging my colleagues and I out of our comfort zones and stretching us to see ourselves, education and leadership in very different ways.  Working with Steve has definitely helped me to grow in confidence as a leader but most importantly, has helped me to develop my strategic thinking skills. These are the skills that I need most as I move to my second Principal ship and work to lead in the challenging and ever changing educational landscape that is “school” today.” Mrs. Leanne Entermann

Principal Brisbane Adventist College

“Steve Scott and his team at Laurus have always been very professional to work with, and have delivered valuable programs both individually and to the team at Hills College. In his capacity as provider of Professional Development programs at Hills College to 35 teachers and staff, his sessions have always been well planned, expertly delivered, and based upon the goals and mission of the school. Personally, I have found Steve to be an invaluable resource when delivering his Principal Leadership program through Independent Schools Queensland.His support and advice to me over the past 5 years has been enormously helpful in my first Principal role at Hills College. Steve finds a way to challenge the individual leader such that decisions are based upon strategy and ‘best practice’, and his approach has really resonated with me. I always look forward to sessions with Steve.” Mr. Kevin Lynch

Principal Hills College

“Each year, The Lakes College engages Steve Scott’s expertise to provide our Year 12 students with a day of confidence and leadership, prior to their senior examinations. Steve provides sessions that are cohort specific and team oriented, in a fun and relaxed environment. This gives students the motivation and energy needed for processing and persevering through the challenges they will face in their senior year of schooling. Each of the activities inspires leadership and communication, with an emphasis on strong young individuals that are part of a stronger cohort of students. The activities give students an opportunity to reflect on their journey so far, and the leadership qualities they value and will continue to develop as adults. I appreciate Steve’s professionalism, passion and commitment in providing these programs for our students. His sessions are certainly a highlight and form an integral part of our students’ senior school journey.” Mr Simon Armstrong

Principal The Lakes College

I have been privileged to work with Steve since 2009. Steve has supported and enhanced my programs through thorough research, planning and professionally facilitated workshops. Steve’s military background, training and experiences bring new and different perspectives to leadership discussions and training sessions, and are a source of inspiration for all participants. Steve is exceptionally skilled in engaging learners and in selecting innovative learning experiences. His friendly, warm personality and sense of social justice are a fine example to us all. Steve is one of the most credible educators I have worked with in my role as a professional learning consultant, and I recommend him to you.” Mrs. Ngaire Tagney

Director SWL Consultancy

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