Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott is the author of The 15 Disciplines and a keynote speaker. He has a reputation for profoundly changing the way thousands of current and aspiring leaders see themselves, others, their organisations and leadership overall. He draws upon his military background and experience in consulting to inspire people to be extraordinary leaders. The credibility Stephen has earned does not stem from extensive research and data collection; rather, it is from his personal commitment to exemplifying The 15 Disciplines. This is evidenced by the numerous awards he has received in recognition for his ability to transform cultures.

Today, Stephen works exclusively in education in the following roles;

–   Chair of St John’s Anglican College Council

–   Lead designer and facilitator of the Independent Schools Queensland New Principals and Aspiring Principals Programs

–   Chair of the Queensland Principals’ Roundtable

–   Chair of the Queensland Senior Leaders Roundtable 

Stephen’s approach to life is guided by three fundamental beliefs. Firstly, that culture is a true reflection of the leadership available to it; secondly, good, bad or otherwise, you cannot not influence a culture; and finally, cultural change will only ever commence once you have changed yourself. It is for this reason that he created The 15 Disciplines to enable leaders to gain mastery of the influence they have on their cultures.

To relax, he enjoys time spent with family and friends and mountain bike riding. His love for the ocean and need for speed, has allowed him to jet ski most of the coastline between New South Wales and the Whitsundays. Stephen lives in Brisbane with his wife Cassandra and they have one daughter Erin.

07 3879 2090

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