Inspired by his book ‘The 15 Disciplines‘, Stephen provides a unique and engaging learning environment using a combination of keynote presentations, simulated leadership activities, deep reflection and mentoring.

Programs can be run in-house or externally, for any length of time and for anyone in your organisation.

Described as ‘the most unique opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to see myself, others, my work and leadership in very different ways’, The 15 Disciplines Leadership Programs are life changing.


The Role Your Fear and Ego Play in Your Leadership
Why do people do what they do? Courage and humility are the most essential qualities of a leader.  Stephen discusses why this is, and more from his book The 15 Disciplines.
Is Your Legacy Worth Leaving?
Stephen discusses the legacy model and reveals the importance of what a leader should leave behind for others to build upon.
The Problem with Strategic Planning
In his most requested keynote, Stephen draws upon his military experience to explain how strategy is formulated and adapted to stay ahead of the game – where most get it wrong.
The Checklist Leader
In his book Stephen compares learning to lead to learning to fly. In this keynote he explains how using checklists will help you to avoid crashing and burning as a leader.
Your Culture is a Reflection of You
In this confronting presentation, Stephen speaks about the brutal facts of culture, why it evolves the way it does, and why you must become the change you hope to see in yours.
Putting Yourself at the Top of Your To-Do List
Extracted from Discipline 12, Work Hard Play Hard, this keynote focuses on fatigue, its effect on your ability to lead and why people deserve to have you in peak condition.
Design Your Own Keynote
If you have a topic that you would like Stephen to speak with your team about, let us know.

Professional Development Programs

Strategic Thinking

It has been said that schools are like ships; it takes a long time for them to change course.  If this is true, then it is the captain, not the ship, that is taking the time.  In this paradigm breaking workshop, you and your team will learn and grow together as you differentiate between policy, strategic thinking, strategy and planning and apply it to your school’s context.  You will not only have an authentic and up to date understanding of your school and its relationship with its external environment, you will also have the tools to routinely think strategically to ensure your strategy is relevant and effective.

How to Make the Right Decision, Not the Easy One

(1/2 day)

In this intensive half day workshop, you and your team will be immersed within Discipline 3 – Be Ethical, to uncover, discuss and debate the conundrums associated with decision making. You will receive a framework for making ethical decisions and tools to use when justifying those decisions to others, despite the way they are perceived. Justice and fairness, social acceptance, harm minimisation and precedent setting all feature in this highly practical experiential learning and growth opportunity.

Success Breeds Success

(1 day)

Leaders are ultimately measured by their productivity. This collaborative workshop spanning one full day, includes a series of theory and practical experiences that each reveal the disciplines required to plan, delegate and adapt. Walk away at the end of the day with a toolbox full of ideas, thinking frameworks and methodologies to ensure you are planning to succeed, establishing and maintaining control and orienting yourself to adapt your plan if and when required.

If Life at Work isn’t Fulfilling, You’re Doing it Wrong

(1 day)

There are four factors people are likely to not talk to you about and will use as their reference for deciding whether to stay or go; a lack of justice and fairness; little to no recognition or reward; poor communication; all work and no play. These four essential conditions that impact people’s quality of life will impact your productivity and quality of work. In this full day program, we unpack four of the fifteen disciplines in a highly interactive workshop to give your school staff the tools for living a high quality of life in a high-performance environment.

Building Team Capacity

(1 day)

If you don’t leave a team in better condition than you found it, what was the point of doing anything at all? The hallmarks of a great team are its unity in spite of its diversity, its overall social capital and its ability to continually improve. This one-day workshop gives a profound insight into the final three disciplines; Generate Unity, Uphold Standards and Foster Learning – the imperatives of a productive team culture. Your team will participate in activities and theoretical discussions during which they will discover how their own team performance can easily be elevated.

The 15 Disciplines Residential Leadership Program

(5 days)

Our hyper-focused five-day/four-night residential program in luxury accommodation, is designed specifically for senior educational leaders seeking to be challenged in a way that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Whilst forming lasting friendships with like-minded educators in a high trust environment, you will apply The 15 Disciplines to lead a simulated school for a week. Described as ‘The best professional development ever experienced’, this program is a life changing experience for any leader and a game changer for your school.

In-School 15 Disciplines Leadership Program

(5 days)

Our flagship program, designed specifically for current and emerging leaders in your school. A five-day program dispersed over 4 terms, this leadership growth program prioritises leadership development over leader development. We connect people from all areas in your school using the common language of The 15 Disciplines which creates a more consistent and accelerated approach to developing leadership capacity.

We cannot, and should not, expect to lead others if we are not prepared to do the work required to develop ourselves as a leaders.

This requires self discipline.

Leaders task themselves. ​Successful leaders aren’t lucky. Luck is where hard work and opportunity intersect. It is up to the leader to work hard and create their own opportunities.
The process of leadership growth starts from within – our character. For many people it is difficult to look deep down within and examine the qualities that distinguishes us from others. To do it effectively, there must be a safe place for this to occur. You can learn to lead in one of our high growth forums.

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