The Principals’ Roundtable is the most effective, ongoing professional development that I am currently involved in. The opportunity to share ideas, to learn and to feel supported by colleagues who are working through the same challenges that you have is a rare and invaluable asset.

Trevor Norman

Principal – Cooloola Christian College

Roundtable has impacted upon not only the culture and climate of the schools of those of us who participate in the process, but also has played an outstanding role in the support of the principals involved in the roundtable. This is achieved through the sharing of successes, challenges and ideas, through challenging one another’s thinking, and by being honest and vulnerable about things that impact upon us in our schools. Importantly, it is a place where all those involved have developed a sense of identity, communicate effectively with one another, and as a group are men and women of integrity, compassion and humility.


Phillip Moulds

Headmaster – The Rockhampton Grammar School

I have found the Principals’ Roundtable to be a valuable resource as I develop my professional and personal practice in the role of principal. The exchange of experiences and ideas in a high-trust environment allows you to delve deeper into some of the incredible challenges we face as principals. I highly recommend membership.


Paul Sjogren

Principal – Trinity Anglican School

A forum that allows open sharing in a professional environment produces excellent opportunities to learn. This has been my experience as a member of the Senior Leaders Roundtable.


David Carroll

Deputy Headmaster – Brisbane Grammar School

The collaboration and collegial support provided by this group has helped me to be a more effective senior leader. The relationships formed with these exceptional leaders will last beyond the roundtable program.


Virginia Warner

Deputy Principal – St Andrews Lutheran College

“A problem shared is a problem halved.” Roundtable is a great way to intentionally and regularly network with other deputy principals who share a growth mindset.


Ross Waltisbuhl

Deputy Principal – Cooloola Christian College

Roundtable provides thought sharing, wonderful collegial discussions, emotional support and hands on operational practices.


Samantha Bolton

Deputy Principal – Clayfield College

Roundtables have been an awesome source of not only encouragement, but of stories to illustrate issues and experiences of being assistant principals. The added benefit being the most invaluable sources of networking and support between meetings.


Joanne Sheehy

Assistant Principal – A.B. Paterson College

Being able to share, support and collaborate in a confidential and high trust environment has been invaluable for reflecting on practices within my school environment. The wealth of knowledge resources in the roundtable experience is vast.


Sue Fraser

Deputy Principal – Australian Christian College

Excellent opportunity to join with like-minded professionals who support each other and provide a platform for thinking strategically.


Jennifer Middleton

Assistant Principal – Cannon Hill Anglican College

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