Leading at the top doesn’t have to be a lonely job anymore.

It has been said “A good mentor is more informative than a university education and more valuable than a decade’s income“. Imagine the value of 9 experienced school leaders focused entirely on supporting and mentoring you. ​Accelerating independent school leaders to the top of their game by sharing and learning from each other in a high trust environment.


A 2 day residential retreat, visits to eight independent schools, conferences with world class leaders, speakers and authors, and facilitated meetings and workshops focused precisely on your development needs. These  are just some of the advantages of an annual roundtable membership. But don’t just take our word for it; click below to see what our members say.    

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the inclusions of a roundtable membership?
The inclusions of the entire roundtable membership are detailed in the roundtable charter. As a guide, your membership provides you with the professional services and leadership provided by Laurus Chairpersons, to uphold the standards prescribed in the roundtable charter for one two-day retreat and eight monthly meetings. Accommodation, meals and beverages at the retreat are also included in the membership fee and each member receives 2 hours mentoring from the roundtable chairperson. The fees do not cover costs associated with travel to and from the meetings and retreat.
What does a roundtable membership cost?
Costs vary from region to region, influenced only by the travel requirements of the roundtable chairperson. You can find the actual costs by reading the roundtable charter for your region.
How long is a roundtable membership?
The minimum term for a roundtable membership is 1 year, however the chairperson of your roundtable will call for expressions of interest from the members in September of each year, to continue their memberships for another year. Current members will always have priority over non-members to hold their roundtable memberships.
What is the overall commitment in time for a roundtable membership?
Each year requires the member to attend a two day, two night residential retreat and eight monthly meetings, each lasting half a day each. From time to time members will need to put aside time to prepare presentations and provide mentoring support to a member who is presenting. Other than that, each member needs to allocate time for travel to and from the agreed meeting place.
What time of day are the meetings held?
For the monthly meetings, that is entirely up to you and your roundtable colleagues. Each year, an annual calendar of meetings will be agreed to by the members and will account for travel time to and from the meetings. Depending on the movements of some principals, meetings could be held over breakfast or lunch. For the retreats, members will arrive on the first day no later than 5 pm and leave 48 hours later.
What are the dates for the retreat and meetings?
Once again, that is decided upon by the members and the chairperson, subject to their availability. An annual calendar of meetings will be agreed up by the members at the annual retreat.
Can I join a roundtable mid way through the year?
Yes, if a vacancy is available and there is no conflict of interest. There will still be an on boarding process for you to complete that would normally be completed at the retreat, to ensure a smooth transition into an already established team of principals.
Can I miss a meeting?
Yes you can, however we expect professional courtesies to be upheld, just as you would expect at your school. The members invest heavily in the roundtable experience and as such, they rely on other members to attend and be punctual. If you need to change a meeting date, it is your responsibility to contact your roundtable secretary to arrange this with other principals. If however they can’t meet your requirements for a date change, the meeting will go ahead on the previously agreed date. There is more about this on the terms of reference page in the roundtable charter.
Can I be a member of a roundtable in another region?
At this stage no, however we will consider this once the program has matured in all regions after a few years.
Is there a maximum number of years I can be a member?
Could I move between roundtables if I requested to do so?
Yes, it is possible. We would encourage you to see out your membership term in your current roundtable and start the process of looking for another position when you express a desire to move in September of your membership year. If there is a vacancy in another roundtable, and your current roundtable colleagues agree to you transitioning to another roundtable, your outstanding membership will transfer across without cost.
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