The Growth Faculty’s Future Thinkers Series – Great Ideas: The 15 Disciplines by Stephen Scott hosted by Karen Beattie 

When Stephen Scott was coming to the end of his career in the RAAF (a senior executive in a fighter squadron), he mapped out how he would leave a worthy legacy. He focused on three results he would need to achieve:
1. The productivity and quality of work achieved while he was responsible for leading others;
2.  The capacity of that group to work well without him; and,
3. The improvement he made to the quality of life of those he led.

This culminated in The 15 Disciplines, a checklist (now in book form) of necessary actions he would need to achieve his leadership legacy.

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Do Life Better Podcast – Becoming an Influential and Productive Leader with Stephen Scott hosted by Dave Jorna 

Stephen Scott is quickly becoming the pre-eminent source for leadership inspiration within the Australian independent schools’ sector. He is well known as being a leader with an innate ability to change the way people think in a single conversation. Steve’s challenge: when you are faced with a challenge ask yourself, “what does this situation require of me?”, not “what do I require from this situation.”

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