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Episode 4 – The First Two Years as a Principal with Mr. Craig Merritt – Principal St Luke’s Anglican School

Are you aspiring to be a school principal? What is life like in the first few years as a school leader? What are the challenges and what are the rewards. How do you keep yourself in the right physical and emotional condition to lead. In this conversation with Craig Merritt, the Principal of St Luke’s Anglican School in Bundaberg Queensland, we answer those questions and many more. If you are aspiring to be a school principal and you are not quite sure, then this conversation is for you. Craig gives a very honest appraisal of life as a new independent school principal.

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Episode 3 – School Governance and Leadership with Mrs. Robyn Collins – Editor, AHISA Independence Journal

What’s hot and what is not in educational leadership today? In this conversation with Robyn Collins, Editor for AHISA’s Independence Journal, I explore a range of topics including strategic thinking, strategy, governance, board matters, board composition and so much more. Robyn draws upon her four decades of experience in education to challenge our perspectives on how well our schools are being led.

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Episode 2 – Communicating Your School’s Value with Mr. Mike Donahue – Director Development and Communications, The Rockhampton Grammar School

In this modern era of education, you no longer have control of all the messaging in relation to your school and the competition is ruthless. So what should an independent school do to communicate its value and point of difference when it is effectively doing what all other schools do – love, care and educate children. Well, meet Mike Donahue, Director Development and Communications at The Rockhampton Grammar School. Mike’s ideas on marketing and communication are sure to challenge your paradigms in relation to communication the value of your school.

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Episode 1 – Leaders Developing Leaders with Mr. Brian Grimes – Principal, A.B. Paterson College

It is not the responsibility of a leader to create followers. Rather, it is to develop leaders who have what it takes to deal with the challenges of the future. So what are those challenges? What should we be doing to prepare a future generation of school leaders? What qualities should we be looking for in an emerging leader? In this one on one conversation with Brian Grimes, Principal of A.B. Paterson College, we answer those questions and many more as Brian shares his insights into how he fulfils his responsibility to develop leaders at his school.

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Stephen was invited to be a guest on Dave Jorna’s Do Life Better Show. Hear experiences from his Air Force career and his perspectives on leadership and what it takes to be a  great leader. 


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