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A New Paradigm in Leadership Development 

I believe society needs to improve the conversation relating to leadership development. My personal experience of working with organisations on cultural transformation has led me to question whether it is ethical to work with specific groups in organisations, when those at the top are not willing to accept that their leadership style might be at variance with the underlying values and model of leadership being taught. In a world where value for money is now measured with greater accuracy and transparency, I believe it is now an imperative for leaders in senior leadership positions to differentiate between leader development and leadership development.


Leader Development Versus Leadership Development

Leader development
programs focus on developing individual level intrapersonal competencies (cognitive, emotional and self-awareness skills) in isolation from the rest of the organisation. A noble human capital venture, however with significant limitations. It is important to reflect on the consequences of sending individuals away to participate in these programs. Most people do become excited by the experience, the affirmation it brings and the new possibilities for behaving in ways that are more productive. The immediate challenge is that they also become more aware of the dissonance between these possibilities and the reality of the less than effective leadership currently practised in their organisation. Implementation of their learning becomes too restrictive because it was carried out in isolation, thus diminishing the return on the investment of both time and money.

Leadership development programs focus on aligning multiple people to agreed leadership processes in a whole organisational context and beyond. It is a venture in social capital and emphasises quality of relationships, tolerance and acceptance of a range of competencies and how to best apply them for the greater good of the organisation. Leadership development makes a difference in how and whether people in the organisation thrive. It explores leadership in a productive context, that doesn’t pigeon hole people at certain levels of management or professional streaming, but rather engages people from all organisational levels and functional areas. Implementation of their learning is highly likely due to a shared understanding and common language between people, thus optimising the long term return on the investment of both time and money.


The Value of The 15 Disciplines Leadership Program

The 15 Disciplines
focuses on ethically building social capital by ensuring no variance between any party on the underlying values and the model of leadership being taught. The bonus is that in addition to aligning to organisational values, creating connections between people and agreeing on how to work with each other for the greater good, it also develops human capital. Our process of leadership growth focuses on immersion within a three-stage learning framework that guarantees all our participants will:

1.       Observe – a trusted role model demonstrating and sharing real world experiences of how The 15 Disciplines builds social capital

2.       Experience – leadership situations first hand, that become lifelong references for reflecting on how personal leadership influences their organisation’s
           social capital

3.       Practice – The 15 Disciplines in a real world context to reinforce learning, alignment of practices and teaching of others.

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