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Tuesday 10th March 2020
The culture of the board room has a significant influence on the overall productivity of the board. Many would agree that a board environment is determined by the leadership of the board chair, however the leadership displayed by all other directors and attending executives should not be underrated. This masterclass is purposely designed to highlight the role that everyone has in board room dynamics and decision making. It will enable you, whatever role you play, to influence productive discussion and ethical decision making for the greater good of your organisation.
Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th May 2020
The subtleties of our verbal and non-verbal communication have an enormous impact on how we are perceived, and our ability to influence. The significance of this on our leadership effectiveness should never be underestimated. Whether an idea, suggestion, vision or plan is accepted by a group often has as much or more to do with how you are perceived than the actual merits of your proposition. This master class is designed specifically for you to achieve mastery of your verbal and non-verbal behaviour to ensure you have the gravitas to positively influence people.
Wednesday 19th August 2020
This masterclass is a one of a kind experience that will change the way you think about leadership, forever. The content delivered is based upon The 15 Disciplines, however it is Stephen Scott’s compelling argument for a better way to lead, and his personal demonstration of how to do it, that is the real point of difference. The content and delivery of this masterclass has had an extraordinary impact on its participants, who today describe the experience as life changing for them and game changing for their schools.

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