“Hands down the best PD I have ever experienced in my career. Every session had a eureka moment that has changed my perception of leadership.”


As a leader, you will be measured by your ability to increase productivity, improve quality of life, build sustainable capacity and ultimately, accountability to yourself and everyone around you.



Your productivity as a leader is determined by

what people believe to be true about you.

The 15 Disciplines
Steve’s book and methodology draw a clear distinction between leader and leadership. The 15 Disciplines are not about enforcing edicts or punishing people. They are about being self-disciplined in ways that enable you to create a legacy for others to build upon, rather than rebuild.

About Steve

Steve profoundly changes the way leaders and aspiring leaders see themselves and act. An author whose life experience includes instructing Air Force officers, Steve does not proclaim the The 15 Disciplines. Instead, he shares, observes, and informs passionately – turning inspiration into measurable productivity.


Steve’s authenticity restores your trust in people.

He’s open and shares everything, especially his failures.
His complete transparency makes him extraordinary.

“Steve’s authenticity restored my trust in people”

“He’s open and shares everything, especially his failures. His complete transparency makes him extraordinary.”

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“Steve’s presentations grip and don’t let go”

“His material is never off the shelf. He gets to the heart of an issue, asks the right questions, responds to your specific needs and addresses your unique circumstances.”

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“Steve confronts and unsettles, empathetically”

“He’s deepened my thinking and I have grown in confidence, both professionally and personally.”

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