Halcyon Lakes College employs routine strategic thinking activities to ensure we have a robust strategy that ensures our human, material and financial resources have the capacity to provide the world’s best education to our global community.
Strategic Intent
Halcyon Lakes College engages quarterly in strategic thinking activities to ensure it has a dynamic and robust strategy to effectively deploy its human, material and financial resources to achieve;


  • World’s best education programs for our students
  • World’s best learning facilities for our teachers and students
  • A strong competitive posturing within our catchment / market place
Strategic Perspective for the Next 12 Months

In June of each year, the Board of Directors invite the Principal and the College leadership to participate in a strategic retreat. It was at this retreat last year that the current strategy for the Halcyon Lakes College was confirmed, and used as a reference for shaping the college’s current budget. Below is a summary of the broad strategy reached at that time which is now posted on the Halcyon Lakes College website.

Strategy and Implementation Planning

Most noticeably in this year’s budget, was the allocation of $250,000 in expenses for the purchase of Digital Technologies, intended to create immediate momentum in the strategic objective related to 100% online learning curriculum. To achieve this, most College Departments were required to make significant concessions in their own budgets.

The Board is planning to meet with the Block Grant Authority, following a proposal submitted by the Board in March this year to build a performing arts auditorium within the next 2 years.

Aside from the two implementation points highlighted above, the Board is not expecting a greater level of operational planning from you to implement the strategy whilst you bear the dual responsibility of Acting Principal and Dean of Studies.


Our current strategic objectives are:

  • To establish a 100% online learning curriculum with teaching support that enables a global community to access our services from beyond the school’s physical boundaries


  •  To further develop our college foundation to optimise financial donations that support our future capital works


  •  To develop the college sporting program to achieve the same status of excellence as our performing arts program enjoys


  • To build a performing arts auditorium with state of the art classroom facilities.

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