Halcyon Lakes College is a Christian faith based K-12 school located in the Brisbane suburb of Halcyon Lakes. We are committed to both personal and professional development of our students, staff and families underpinned by our Christian faith.
Our Mission
To develop socially responsible global citizens with the knowledge and discipline to think independently and innovate solutions to meet the challenges of the future.
Our Values

Our values define who we are as a community and help to guide our decision making every day in every way:


  • Faith – We are guided by the word of God
  • Leadership – We are always of authentic character
  • Innovation – We courageously seek new solutions
  • Community – We are stronger as one
  • Compassion – We care for each other with kindness 
  • Fairness – We believe in equal opportunity for all 

PO Box 555
Halcyon Lakes QLD 4999

Phone: (07) 3848 0519
Email: reception@hlc.qld.edu

CRICOS NO.: 00364E

ABN: 44 005 746 552

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