Stephen Scott’s Bio

Retired Air Force Officer   |   Founder of The 15 Disciplines   |   Leadership Disruptor

Over his career, Stephen Scott has earned a reputation for fundamentally shifting leadership paradigms by expanding what people understand leadership to be, and empowering them to be extraordinary leaders. This is the hallmark of Steve’s leadership programs and keynote presentations.

 As the author of The 15 Disciplines, Steve has engaged thousands of people across multiple sectors with a single goal in mind; To be life changing for the people who attend and game changing for the organisations they work in.

Whilst on the surface, The 15 Disciplines looks like the standard fare for a leadership program, it is Steve’s application of the disciplines that disrupts mindsets and stimulates immediate growth. He has an innate ability to quickly connect with staff, aspiring and C-suite leaders alike, and has earned his credibility with them off the back of his own accomplishments as a leader. Whether he is Deputy Chief Instructor at the Royal Australian Air Force College, a senior executive in a fighter squadron, facilitating a program for a handful of people, or speaking to an audience of hundreds, Steve’s philosophy is the same; use The 15 Disciplines to take care of people and they will not only make you their leader, they will lead with you.

Steve has been actively involved in education for over a decade, facilitating leadership programs for educational peak bodies and their member schools. He is the current Chair of the St John’s Anglican College Council in Brisbane. When not at work, Steve enjoys time off shore on his jet ski, socialising with family and friends and live music and theatre.

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