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…not the pie-in-the-sky theory, this is real world stuff, grounded in experience and examples, and eminently valuable.

James Mason OAM, The Anglican Church Grammar School

The 15 Disciplines

This book illustrates the importance of having the self-discipline to continually reflect on how your leadership impacts on the productivity of others.  The underlying principle of The 15 Disciplines is this;

take care of people and they will take care of you

Mr. Anthony Micallef

Headmaster Brisbane Grammar School

Steve Scott has provided invaluable support to Brisbane Grammar School and to me personally. His knowledge of organisational cultures and his preparedness to authentically share his wisdom make him an extraordinary mentor. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Steve about building productive team cultures, organisational change and leadership challenges. His style is collaborative and respectful and he aims to support the individual or team to identify the best course of action for each situation. I am a strong advocate for Steve Scott and I am confident that he has the necessary skills to benefit any organisation.

Mrs. Leanne Entermann

Principal Brisbane Adventist College

I started working with Steve four years ago as a brand new Principal. To be honest, to begin with I found his presentations unsettling. They were not what I was used to hearing in Education circles. Please do not misunderstand, while I felt unsettled, I was always intrigued by his very different approach and I now reflect back and see that Steve was intentionally nudging my colleagues and I out of our comfort zones and stretching us to see ourselves, education and leadership in very different ways.  Working with Steve has definitely helped me to grow in confidence as a leader but most importantly, has helped me to develop my strategic thinking skills.

Mrs. Robyn Collins

AHISA Independence Journal Editor

Steve Scott, Director of Laurus Enterprises, is an expert. I have had the experience of watching him work with school principals and boards for five years now and I am in awe of his knowledge and understanding of people and his wide expertise in leadership, governance, executive coaching, management and strategic planning. When running a workshop Steve immediately builds a positive relationship with the people in the room. His presentations are lively, interactive and are always tailored for his audience, never off the shelf.  Steve is able to get to the heart of an issue or problem,  and ask the right questions to lead others to solutions.

Stephen Scott

People have phenomenal capacity to achieve great things.  However, their success does not happen by chance. I wrote The 15 Disciplines to share what I have learned about success and failure in my leadership experiences.  This book is not a result of data collection and research.  It is three decades worth of trial and error, learning and sharing.  These are real stories with real consequences from my time in the Royal Australian Air Force, to today, where I influence thousands in their leadership growth. I invite you to experience The 15 Disciplines for yourself, and to discover the advantages they can give you in your leadership.

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